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Council Federal Credit Union

Councill Federal Credit Union

On May 29, 1954 the National Credit Union Administration granted a charter for the formation of Councill Federal Credit Union. The charter members were:

Dr. Leon Bonner
Mr. John A. Browder
Mr. R. A. Carter
Dr. J. F. Drake
Dr. William S. Edmonds
Mr. George H. Hobson
Dr. W. H. Hollins
Mr. Ralph H. Lee
Dr. Charles W. Orr
Mr. Leander R. Patton
Mr. G. R. Ragland, Jr.

Our Field of Membership includes, the employees of Alabama A&M University, Huntsville/Madison County Public Schools, ARA Slater (ARAMARK) and J. F. Drake State Technical College. Councill was established to allow minorities the opportunity to increase their purchasing power.

In our meager beginning the credit union was operated from the offices of accounting professors, Mr. Henry Torrance and Mr. Wilbert Cooper. After substantial growth the University provided an office on the first floor of the Vocational Building. Mrs. Tessie Davis Horace was the first full time employee of Councill Federal Credit Union.

Alabama A&M University has supported Councill Federal since its’ inception, which has allowed this financial institution to provide this valuable service to the employees of Alabama A&M University.

Councill Federal Credit Union has served the employees in our Field of Membership for over sixty-seven (67) years.

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